Business Centre

SERVICES TO MARITIME BUSINESS PARTICIPANTS IN THE INTERNATIONAL MARKET. Solution of problems in water transport, navigation and shipping industries.

Marine Business Centre

We carry out professional activities in the following areas of the maritime business:

Registration of ships
and yachts

Registration of ships and issuing registration documents on behalf of the maritime flag administrations

Classification of

Class survey of ships, issuing classification and international convention certificates

Vessels Sale & Purchase

Assistance in sale and purchase of vessels for individuals and legal entities

Setting up and certification of shipping companies

- Setting up shipping companies;
- Development of procedures for fleet management;
-All procedures related to a company documentation and manning by certified personnel;
- Assigning IMO numbers to companies;
- Maintenance of certification according to ISM Code.


Independent maritime expertise, marine accident investigation

Marine audits of
vessels and companies

Audits of vessels and shipping companies according to ISM Code, ISPS Code, Maritime Labor Convention


Assistance in creating, analyzing, assessment and support of offshore projects of any complexity

Certification of

- assistance in applying and/or issuing the documents for seafarers;
- medical examination of seafarers;
- assistance in crew recruitment;
- interaction with trade unions.


Survey of ships and cargo


Consulting on all matters of maritime business


Ship and ship owner liability insurance, agents and correspondents of P&I clubs

ISM Code

International Safety Management Code


International Ship and Port Facility Security Code


Maritime Labor Convention

Marine Business Centre combines the efforts of maritime professionals in providing services to the participants of maritime business in the international maritime merchant shipping market. Our professionals participate as the representatives of the Maritime Administrations, Recognized Organizations and Classification Societies of various Flags, as well as independent maritime consultants, surveyors, agents and correspondents of Insurance companies and P&I clubs.
We actively collaborate with international ship registries, maritime classification societies, shipping companies, Insurance companies, P&I clubs, insurance brokers in Russia, Europe, the Pacific region, Southeast and South Asia, Central America.

Since 2005, we have established official arrangements with international ship registries, maritime Classification Societies and Recognized Organizations of Maritime Administrations of various Flags around the world.
Under the terms of long-term agreements with these organizations, we accept applications and documents from shipowners for the registration of ships, and we are authorized to issue registration certificates on behalf of the flags of Sierra Leone, Dominica, Cook Islands, Panama, Liberia, Mongolia, Togo and others. Our specialists are authorized to carry out classification and convention surveys of ships and company audits, to issue conventional certificates on behalf of the Maritime Administrations of various flags – Sierra Leone, Dominica, Cook Islands, Panama, Liberia, Mongolia, Togo and others.
We offer comprehensive and qualified services in maritime industry that are necessary for shipowners, ship managers and other parties during purchase, construction of ships, fleet management and maintenance, insurance, sale and mortgage of ships, interaction with classification societies and Maritime Flag Administrations.

Highly qualified maritime experts, engineers, international lawyers, experienced captains and engineers of the maritime fleet from different countries, top managers in the shipping business, including top managers of shipping and shipbuilding companies and heads of the maritime industry, actively participate in our projects.
Marine Business Center has correspondents and representatives in the port cities of Russia, Singapore, China, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Montenegro.
We are always ready for mutually beneficial and fruitful cooperation in our professional field.