Creation and certification of shipping companies

Formation of a shipping company, on the basis of a legal entity, resident of the Russian Federation or an offshore company, for the purpose of managing a fleet consisting of at least 1 conventional vessel.

Development of basic procedures allowing the shipping company to manage the fleet (vessel), including the staff pattern, job descriptions, standing orders, reporting forms, etc.

Staffing the company with qualified personnel in accordance with the agreed staff pattern, drawing up employment contracts with employees and powers of attorney for the management team.

Completing the company with regulatory and technical documentation.

Issuance of recommendations on furnishing of the company’s office with the necessary office equipment and means of communication with vessels and coastal services.

Preparation of a ship management agreement of the company with shipowners or bareboat charterers – if applicable.

Assigning an IMO number to the Company.

Development of regulatory documents for the Safety Management System (SMS) for the Company and the vessel.

Supporting of certification of the Company and the vessel under the ISM Code (International Safety Management Code).