Registration of ships and yachts

Registration of ships and paperwork on behalf of the Maritime Administrations of flags

Registration of ships and yachts

If you need to register a vessel under Russian or foreign flag, please contact us and we will help you to choose the best option. We will provide you all detailed information and conditions of registration as well as the advantages of a particular flag with applicable restrictions (age, class of the vessel, requirements to the shipping company, etc.) for each jurisdiction.
We offer the shipowners an end-to-end service by organizing and carrying out the entire process of registering a vessel under the chosen flag, obtaining all the necessary documents; or to assist in registration process insofar as required. At the same time, we provide the best choice from a number of flags, and give recommendations on the most profitable solution, based on details of our client’s business, type of vessel, her age and class, sailing area, as well as the international rating of the flag and other features.
We are the official representatives of the Maritime Administrations of several flags, and our participation relieves the client from the painstaking work associated with registering the vessel, providing the necessary documents and information, and obtaining registration certificates.
As professionals in our field, we have knowledge of all international and specific national requirements and have the procedures necessary to complete quickly and successfully the registration of a vessel under the chosen flag.

Registration of ships under the flag of the Russian Federation

Registration of ships

For the shipowners that have chosen the Russian flag, we will assist in preparation and registration of ships with the Maritime Administration of the Russian Federation.
For transportation or towing between the ports of Russia, as well as in mixed river-sea navigation with calls to the inland waterways, the registration of a vessel under the Russian flag is the only possible solution.
Depending on the wishes of the shipowner and specific aspects of business, we will help to choose and register a vessel in the relevant Register of ships of the Russian Federation:
Main State Register (for owners – residents of the Russian Federation)
Bareboat Charter Register
International Register
Register of ships under construction

Registration of ships under foreign flags

“A flag is a tool,” says a modern shipowner. This tool ensures compliance with the requirements of international maritime conventions and codes by a vessel, control over implementation, and confirmation of the ship’s compliance with all convention requirements through the issuance of appropriate certificates. It also confirms the ownership of the registered vessel and ensures the legal interaction of the vessel and its owner with other participants in the maritime shipping business – port authorities, classification society, insurers, charterers.
The tool can be heavy or light, bulky or convenient, expensive or cheap.
A flag of convenience is not “shameful”, but rather advantageous for the shipowner in all aspects of business, and at the same time, it is fully legal.
As the official regional Registrar and acting Agent of various Maritime Administrations, our company is entitled to accept applications and documents for the registration of a vessel under the below-mentioned Flags, as well as to issue registration certificates for ships and yachts on behalf of several of below-mentioned Flag Administrations.

Регистрация яхт

Sierra leone

регистрация судов яхт

New Dominica Flag Incentive Program (follow the link)
Dominica Flag Convention Program (follow the link)

Registration of ships and yachts under the flags of Dominica and Sierra Leone is performed directly by our regional registrar. Registration procedures take place in our registration office. The original documents are delivered by courier service to any part of the world, to the address indicated by the client. The registrar, officially authorized by the Flag Maritime Administration, will issue and certify all documents as soon as possible, and advise the shipowner how to properly fill out the application and draw up related documents. If you have all the documents required for registration ready, the procedure will take a few hours. The set of registration documents, paid for by the official state tariff, includes:
– Provisional Certificate of Registry (for 3-6 months);
– Minimum Safe Manning Certificate;
– Ship Radio Station License;
– Permanent Certificate of Registry, issued during the period of validity of the provisional certificate (with no additional fee), after the shipowner has collected and submitted all required original documents, notarized and apostilled, including the Deletion Certificate of previous flag.
Our Centre is also a representative of below-listed flags. We are officially authorized to accept applications and documents for ship registration from shipowners.

Cook islands

администрация флага панамы


флаг либерии




Registration of documents for ship radio stations and radio equipment (radio accounting services)
Ship Station License
Agreement for the use of radio communications (Accounting of radio traffic)
Inmarsat activation
GMDSS Shore Based Service Agreement.

We provide assistance to Russian shipowners (for ships flying the flag of the Russian Federation) in the preparation of documents and in obtaining the expert conclusion on the electromagnetic compatibility of the Main Radio Frequency Center and the Ship Station License of the Russian Federation (examination of ship radio equipment, assignment of a call sign and MMSI).