ISM Code

International Safety Management Code

Services to shipowners for the creation, implementation and maintenance of a Safety Management System (SMS) in the Company and on ships.
Development of regulatory documentation of the Safety Management System for the company and the vessel. The law provides that a marine vessel with a tonnage of 500 BRT, making international flights, must receive a SvUB – A safety management certificate indicating the implementation of a SUB (Safety Management System) on it, and the shipowner (shipping company) must receive a certificate (Compliance Document) confirming that he has such a system and that it complies with the requirements of the ISM Code (International Safety Management Code).
The Maritime Business Center has extensive experience in developing SUB documentation for shipping companies operating sea vessels and vessels of mixed river-sea navigation, and in preparing companies and vessels for certification of SUB, we have been doing this since 2005. Our experience in maintaining and improving the SMS in existing shipping companies is also important, as well as the experience of conducting internal (on behalf of the shipowner) and external (on behalf of the flag or class) audits of sub-companies and courts. Our specialists are international experts on ISM Code, authorized by the Maritime Administrations of several foreign flags and international maritime classification societies (registers).
Taking into account the experience of developing, implementing and maintaining SMS in shipping companies, we are ready to assist shipowners in the development and implementation of Safety Management System (SMS) documentation and procedures in companies and on ships.
In addition, if necessary, upon your additional request, our expert/auditor can travel to the site for consultations and seminars on the implementation of the SMS with shore personnel and ship crews.
We assist shipowners in conducting internal audits of ships and coastal units to verify compliance with the requirements of the ISM Code;
– Support of certification of the Company and the vessel according to the ISM Code:
Preparation of the Company for external audit according to the International Safety Management Code (ISM Code);
Preparation of an ISM Code Implementation Plan in the company and on the ship, Submission of an application for conducting and supporting an external audit of the company for compliance with the requirements of the ISM Code;
Analysis of the results of the external audit and issuance of recommendations to the company’s management team on the elimination of inconsistencies and further implementation of the SMS in the Company and on the ship (vessels).