International Ship and Port Facility Security Code

Services to shipowners in development and implementation of a Ship Security Plan on vessels and in the preparation of vessels for ISPS certification.
According to the International Code for the Security of Ships and of Port Facilities (ISPS), a marine vessel with a tonnage of 500 GT and more performing international voyages must have a Ship Protection Plan approved by the Flag Administration and obtain an International Ship Protection Certificate.

The Marine Business Centre has experience in developing ship security plans for marine vessels. We also have experience in conducting internal (on behalf of the shipowner) and external (on behalf of the flag state or its Recognized Organization) audits of  vessels on ISPS. Our specialists are international experts on ISPS, authorized by the Maritime Administrations of several foreign flags and international maritime classification societies (registers). We are ready to assist shipowners in developing and implementing a Ship Security Plan on ships and in preparing ships for ISPS certification.