Maritime Labor Convention

Preparation and certification of the company and vessels according to MLC.
Development of onboard documentation and procedures in accordance with MLC (International Maritime Labor Convention) for the vessel.
Submission of an application and receipt of MLC Declaration Part I (Part I shall be issued by the RO /CS (Recognized Organization / Classification Society) on behalf of the Flag State without auditing the vessel). Drawing up MLC Declaration Part II (Part II shall be filled in by the shipowner, submitted to the RO/CS for approval, then the RO/CS audits the vessel and issues a Maritime Labour Certificate based on the result of audit).
Assistance in certification of workplaces by a third-party expert organization.
Making amendments of crew employment contracts in accordance with the MLC requirements.
We can support the presentation of a vessel for compliance with requirements of ILO Conventions Nos. 92, 133 (for  vessels whose keel was laid before 20.08.2013. If the keel was laid later, then the design of the vessels must fully comply with the new MLC requirements).