Classification of ships

Survey of vessels with the issuance of classification and international statutory certificates

Surveying of vessels by marine surveyors and classification surveys are a very serious and responsible matter, these tasks are carried out on behalf of flag states and the entire international community as a whole – insofar as the Flag State is entrusted with the supervision of compliance of ships with the international statutory requirements. The decisions of the classification society regarding the condition of the vessel and her equipment are based on the professional judgment of the class surveyor, and on the basis of the surveyors report a conclusion is made about the compliance of the vessel with the requirements of the class and her worthiness for operation.
Having a team of highly educated and experienced surveyors: master mariners, marine engineers and shipbuilders authorized by classification societies to perform classification and statutory surveys, we are able to provide all possible types of surveys of vessels, as well as audits of shipping companies and vessels according to the ISM, ISPS Codes and MLC.

российский морской регистр судоходстваRussian Maritime Register of Shipping (RMRS)


Other Classification Societies – IACS members


american bureau of shippingAmerican Bureau of Shipping (ABS)


bureau veritasBureau Veritas (BV)


 China Classification SocietyChina Classification Society (CCS)

croatian register of shippingCroatian Register of Shipping


классификационные сообществаDet Norske Veritas (DNV)


indian register of shippingIndian Register of Shipping (IRS)


korean register of shippingKorean Register of Shipping


lloyd's register of shippingLloyd’s Register of Shipping (LR)


nippon kaiji kyokaiNippon Kaiji Kyokai (NK)


polski rejestr statkowPolski Rejestr Statkow (PRS)


registro italiano navaleRegistro Italiano Navale (RINA)


Classification Societies and Recognized Organizations, non-IACS members

Our specialists are authorized to carry out statutory and classification surveys: according to the SOLAS, MARPOL, Load Line Conventions, Ships Measurement Convention, ISM Code Codes, ISPS, hull classification surveys, machinery classification surveys, etc. on behalf of the following classification societies and Recognized Organizations, non-IACS members:

international ship classification singaporeInternational Ship Classification, Singapore


conarina compania nacional de registro e inspeccion de naves hondurasCONARINA (COMPAÑIA NACIONAL DE REGISTRO E INSPECCION DE NAVES), Honduras


IBS isthmus bureau of shipping panamaIBS (Isthmus Bureau of Shipping), Panama


cnb cosmos bureau of shipping south koreaCMB (Cosmos Marine Bureau), South Korea


sing-lloyd singaporeSing-Lloyd, Singapore


honduras maritime inspection & international maritime inspection honduras head office in greeceHonduras Maritime Inspection & International Maritime Inspection, Honduras (Head Office in Greece)


ascent navals registry thailand indiaAscent Navals Registry, Thailand, India


aegean register of shipping uae turkeyAegean Register of Shipping, UAE, Turkey