Inspectors of maritime flag administrations

inspectors of maritime flag administrationsControl over compliance with the requirements of international conventions on vessels is entrusted to the flag state under which the vessel sails.

Flag Maritime Administrations strive to improve the quality of vessels registered in their flag registry and ensure that these vessels comply with all applicable requirements of international conventions and national regulations, reduce the number of adverse port state control reports, improve the flag rating and increase the registered tonnage.

To this end, the Maritime Administration of each flag creates its own international network of flag state inspectors, involving qualified maritime professionals with relevant experience in ship inspections, individually or as employees of companies professionally engaged in survey and inspection of ships.

Flag state inspectors are selected based on their qualifications, including professional experience, work experience, education, professional diplomas and certificates.

Pre-registration inspections, annual, special inspections (based on the results of port state control inspections and detentions, accident investigation, occasional audits on ISM Code and ISPS) can be carried out.

Our team of maritime flag inspectors has the authority of the Maritime Administrations of the Flags of Dominica and Sierra Leone to inspect ships and audit ships and companies under the ISM Code, ISPS and MLC in the ports of Russia and Eastern Europe.




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